CELISCA at IEEE I2MTC 2024 in Glasgow
CELISCA contributed to the annual flagship conference in Instrumentation and Measurement IEEE I2MTC 2024 in Glasgow -Scotland with 2 emerging topics in the field of process related measurement and automation technologies.

Announcement for SENSOR TECHNOLOGY lectures for Summer Semester 2024
Sensors are important elements in process automation. As every year, engineering students can participate in the lectures about this subject displaying both basic principles and sensor systematics as well as applications and actual results of our ongoing research projects. In this year our Visiting Scholar Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.F.R. Al-Okby will contribute with a lesson about optical spectroscopy in this lecture.

CASE 2023 in Auckland NZL - Automation, Science & Engineering
CASE 2023 is defining the international scientific standard in the interdisciplinary field between automation, processes and measurement. Automation is building a bridge between Science and Engineering. Rostocks scientists contributing to this conference with an automated process measurement method for analyses of benzoic acids in different water samples - a problem that is relevant for both environmental and food analyses.

Preis für beste Lehre 2023
Prof. Heidi Fleischer wurde von der Fakultät für Informatik und Elektrotechnik nach Auswertung der Evaluationsergebnisse unter Beteiligung der Fachschaften der beteiligten Studiengänge ein Preis für beste Lehre für das SS 2022 und das WS 2022/2023 verliehen. In diesen Semestern führte Frau Prof. Fleischer u.a. die Lehrveranstaltungen Messtechnik und Analoge Schaltungen, Sensors und Actuators, Sensorik und das Doktorandenseminar Prozessmesstechnik durch.

celisca at I2MTC 2023 in Kuala Lumpur
The I2MTC - International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference - is the flagship conference of the IEEE Instrumentation Measurement Society. The conference is dedicated to emerging topics and advances in measurement methodologies, measurement systems, instrumentation and sensors in all areas of science and technology. CELISCA is contributing a special topic regarding quality assurance in sample preparation for compound oriented measurement problems...

Visiting Scholar Dr. Vinh Quang Do
Dr. Vinh Quang Do von der Can Tho University of Technology (Vietnam) verstärkt ab dem 01.03.2023 für 3 Monate das celisca Team. Im Rahmen seines Aufenthaltes sind gemeinsame Forschungsarbeiten sowie eine Lehrveranstaltung "Applied Temperature Sensing - Development of an Automated Control System" vorgesehen. Ziel ist die Etablierung einer langfristigen Kooperation zwischen der Can Tho University of Technology Vietnam und dem Center for Life Science Automation.

Professor Heidi Fleischer honored with the "2021 SLAS Technology Reviewer Excellence Award"
Professor Heidi Fleischer's Blog · 29. January 2022
(SLAS/CELISCA) SLAS Technology is the flagship journal (IF=3,047) covering the fields of laboratory automation and screening. Screening is a special field in automated process measurement and analytics - to be applied in high throughput explorations of various fields from biotech, medicial diagnostics, pharmacology to environment. Professor Heidi Fleischer from the University Rostock (Germany) has now been honored with the prestigious "2021 SLAS Technology Reviewer Excellence Award".

PRO MEASURE II (2022-2026): Joint Research Program for performing robot assisted measurement in emerging medical diagnostics processes
Professor Heidi Fleischer's Blog · 20. December 2021
After a successful PRO MEASURE I project in the time frame 2019-2021, CELISCA and DANAHER's corporation Beckman Coulter agreed to continue the Joint research activities.

M. Sc. Shalaka Joshi defended her Ph.D. dissertation
Professor Heidi Fleischer's Blog · 22. October 2021
Ms. Shalaka Joshi worked from 2017 till 2021 at CELISCA on her Ph.D. She focussed her research on dual arm robot operation for complex life science automation applications with a need for high flexibility. The work was carried out on a Yaskawa dual arm system including 2 simultaneously operated sophisticated analytical measurement systems (LC-MS and GC-MS). Congratulations, Dr. Joshi !

Professor Fleischer named Acting Chair for Process Measurement
Professor Heidi Fleischer's Blog · 13. September 2021
From October 1st, 2021 the Associate Director of CELISCA, Professor Heidi Fleischer, is named the Acting Chair for Process Measurement. As a professor in Process Automation with a venia legendi in Measurement and Automation she brings an extensive background and knowledge in this field.

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