PRO MEASURE II (2022-2026): Joint Research Program for performing robot assisted measurement in emerging medical diagnostics processes

(CELISCA) After a successful PRO MEASURE I project in the time frame 2019-2021, CELISCA and DANAHER's corporation Beckman Coulter agreed to continue the joint research activities PRO MEASURE II.


Goal of the cooperation between the Center for Life Science Automation (Rostock, Germany) and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (Indianapolis, USA) is a long-term technology and science-based relation. Both partners want to show the possibilities of modern life science automation technologies in emerging scientific applications of high performance process analytical measurement. Therefore, a broad band of processes shall be explored on different levels and with different scopes.

I.e. different Vitamins, Drugs in Blood, Plasma, Saliva are target compounds of interest. 

Results coming out of this collaboration are subject for joint publications on different levels (Journals, Key Conferences, Application Notes).