Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Heidi Fleischer

Professor for Process Automation 
Acting Chair for Process Measurement

Associate Director  |  Center for Life Science Automation CELISCA 

Main Research Interests

  • Process Automation in Medicine, Biotechnology and Chemistry
  • Process Analytical Measurement & Robot Assisted Sample Preparation 
  • Processes @ Measurement
  • Sensors & Actuators - Physical Principles and Application
  • Multi-parametric Measurements for Complex Sophisticated Processes
  • Complex Environmental Measurement Processes
  • Medical Instrumentation and Automation
  • Measurement Theory and Application

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Heidi Fleischer honored with the "2021 SLAS Technology Reviewer Excellence Award"

(SLAS/CELISCA 2022) SLAS Technology is the flagship journal (IF=3,047) covering the fields of laboratory automation and screening. Screening is a special field in automated process measurement to be applied in high throughput explorations of various fields from biotech, medicial diagnostics, pharmacology to environment. Professor Heidi Fleischer from the University Rostock (Germany) has been honored with the prestigious "2021 SLAS Technology Reviewer Excellence Award".

Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby and Prof. Heidi Fleischer are finalizing the experiments for the spring semester 2022

(CELISCA 2022) Dr. M. F. R. Al-Okby and Prof. H. Fleischer are doing some final experimental work for the upcoming semester:      

SENSORS   is one of the courses to be taught in the spring semester.
As an example NOx - sensors can be used in different process scenarios  - from in-line to off-line process couplings. 

In the photo CELISCA's scientists are to test air samples - collected in plastic bags -  off-line with a reference sensor system.
These measures are to be compared with experiments performed with self-developed IoT-based NOx-sensor nodes: This can serve  as a showcase how science and technology meets university education - from theory to practice ...

Heidi Fleischer appointed as Professor for Process Automation

(CELISCA 2021) In the regular meeting of the Academic Senate of the University Rostock on February 3rd, 2021 PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Heidi Fleischer was appointed as Professor for Process Automation (apl)    

AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS FOR ANALYTICAL MEASUREMENTS: Concepts and Applications - by Heidi Fleischer and Kerstin Thurow

(IAT/CELISCA 2019) The first textbooks dedicated specifically to automated and robot assisted sample preparation in combination with process analytical measurements. These timely and systematic overviews are not only to cover biological applications, but also environmental measuring technology, drug discovery, and quality assurance approaches.


Following a critical review of realized automation solutions in biological sciences, the books go on to discuss special requirements for comparable systems for analytical applications, taking different concepts into consideration. 

A central role plays the use of robots substituting manual parts in the measurement processes in combination with data handling, process and workflow controlling software systems.