OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY and CELISCA establish a new joint Engineering Reseach Program

The Senior Associate Dean of Engineering (The Ohio State University Columbus), John Horack and the Associate Director of CELISCA (University Rostock), Heidi Fleischer, agreed to establish a new joint international research program. 

The researchers will explore a combined approach of multispectral camera based remote sensing data acquired from space with high throughput process measurements of samples from regional plants, soil and water. 


CELISCA and OSU work jointly on this scientific project. To keep the collaboration close John Horack uses office and laboratory space at CELISCA - and so does Heidi Fleischer in return at the College of Engineering of the Ohio State University in Columbus.




Prof. Horack visited together with Dean of Engineering, Prof. Dave Williams, the University Rostock as special international guests for its 600th anniversary.  

(to be seen at a reception of the Prime Minister of M-V, Manuela Schwesig)